To be one of the nation’s best public research universities and one of the great universities of the world.


The University of Texas at Dallas provides the State of Texas and the nation with excellent, innovative education and research. The University is committed to graduating well-rounded citizens whose education has prepared them for rewarding lives and productive careers in a constantly changing world; to continually improving educational and research programs in the arts and sciences, engineering, and management; and to assisting the commercialization of intellectual capital generated by students, staff, and faculty.


The University of Texas at Dallas aspires to be:

  • A first-rank public research university with focused centers of excellence, prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, technology-driven global society
  • A global force in innovative, transdisciplinary research and education in emerging areas of  technology, science, and learning
  • A ground-breaking leader in both framing and answering the questions faced by business, policy makers, healthcare, and the public
  • A synergistic partner with local industry, government, and cultural organizations as well as local K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities
  • One of the most creative, innovative universities in the nation and world.

Meeting these goals will require that all stakeholders—faculty, staff, students, business leaders, philanthropists, teachers, civic leaders—unite and work to help UTD establish world-rank stature in already established areas of excellence and in new areas that will be crucial in the different world that will define tomorrow.  Without internal synergy and active external collaborations, without diversity of opinion, without dedication to transcending traditional boundaries, UTD will not be able to fulfill its promise or meet the expressed aim of its founders—to become “a great university.”


Updated: May 1, 2012