The University’s goals can be achieved because UTD:

  • Resides in one of the nation’s largest, most vibrant metropolitan areas, one which urgently needs a top-tier research university.
  • Focuses on areas that are of critical importance to the region, state, and nation—science, technology, engineering, business, cognition, and teacher preparation.
  • Is a young, agile university undergoing rapid growth while maintaining highest quality teaching and research.
  • Has an exceptionally talented student body, a world renowned faculty, and innovative transdisciplinary programs.
  • Is surrounded by excellent community colleges, cutting-edge high tech industries, leading medical institutions, and innovative business partners who have a history of collaboration with the University.
  • Is part of the dynamic UT System with the added benefits of a close association with UT Southwestern Medical Center (one of the world’s premier medical research facilities) in downtown Dallas and UTD’s sister institution, UT Arlington.
  • Has a remarkable history of strong private and public support.

The combination of need, focus, youth, quality, location, collaboration, and UT System resources makes UTD’s goal to become one of the nation’s premier public research universities a realistic possibility.  UTD has consciously avoided the structure of the traditional university with traditional academic disciplines that often become academic silos.  Rather than trying to offer all programs for all people, the University will continue to build by adding to strengths, to those focused areas of excellence where individuals are encouraged to break free of constricted modes of thinking.  Although UTD does offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in most of the core disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences, management, and engineering, there is a great deal of flexibility in all areas so that the programs and Schools can proactively respond to new ideas, new technology, and new challenges.

UTD faces significant challenges and is by no means assured success.  UTD’s youth contributes to its status as relatively unknown.  The University is too small, especially in terms of faculty size and infrastructure, to compete effectively with the nation’s premier research universities.  Moreover, UTD currently lacks the operating revenue and endowment income necessary to achieve its aspirations in the short term. 

This strategic plan defines the institution that UTD aspires to be, states its vision and mission, identifies its goals, lays out the strategies necessary to achieve these goals, spells out an implementation plan, and identifies measures of progress.  This strategic plan sets forth a proactive set of bold actions that over time will secure UTD’s place as one of the world’s great universities.


Updated: May 1, 2012