Strategic Initiatives

UTD will invest in 6 strategic initiatives for success:

  1. Discovering Tomorrow’s Inventions Today
  2. Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges
  3. Managing Change in a Constantly Changing Society
  4. Securing the Safety of the Future
  5. Improving the Health and Quality of Life of Individuals and Society
  6. Making a Great City Even Greater 

These six initiatives are interlocked and deliberately overlap each other.  They transcend traditional disciplines, involve the entire UTD community, and will enable UTD to better fulfill its mission to serve the region and the State.  The goal of these initiatives is to transform UTD into a dynamic, intellectual, research force that has direct and powerful impact on the quality of the intellectual, cultural, physical, and economic life of Dallas’s citizens as well as the citizens of the world, and the initiatives go hand in hand with meeting face-on the challenges which UTD must overcome.  Over the next ten years, these initiatives will provide a roadmap for UTD’s future.


Updated: May 1, 2012