Alumni spotlight

Jihan Kamel Noizet

Major: Masters of Business Administration

Graduation Date: December 2004

Organization: Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of International Programs in the Europe, Asia, and Middle East section

“In my position as a Transportation Specialist, I support the planning, development, implementation, coordination and management of national and international technology and information exchange programs, promoting the United States’ technology (standards, procedures, equipment, expertise, management practices) abroad with a regional emphasis on Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.”

Jihan considers her greatest accomplishment to date the acceptance of this position in Washington D.C. “I took a major risk by moving away from my comfort zone to start my career in a new area, not knowing anyone, and having to start fresh. The work that I did with UT Dallas provided me with the tools I needed to begin this process. ”

Jihan believes that her education at UT Dallas gave her “the knowledge and tools to accomplish anything that I wish to do in the future.” And the best advice she could give is “that finding a job is easy, but finding a career takes time. Patience and perseverance got me to where I am today. ”

Jihan proudly supports the UT Dallas Career Center. “It is filled with many valuable resources including the career center library, career counseling and assessment, and the on/ off campus career events. After I completed the M.B.A. program, I decided that I wanted to work for the United States Federal Government. It took time, patience and a willingness to keep at it before I was to accomplish this particular aspiration. The career center was instrumental in achieving this goal. The direction and assistance that I received from the career center staff was stellar. ”

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