Principles of Professional Conduct

As career professionals, we use the Principles for Professional Conduct of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as our guide for ethical practice. We also hold the employers, students and alumni who work with our office to a high standard of professional conduct

The following recommended practices are intended to provide a framework for such conduct; please review them carefully.

  • Review the requirements of all job postings carefully and make application only to jobs for which you meet the requirements.
  • Acknowledge invitations for interviews or appointments promptly whether you accept or reject them. Accept invitations only if you intend to seriously consider an offer that may result.
  • Notify the Career Center in advance if you must postpone or cancel appointments.
  • NO-SHOWS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! When you have accepted an invitation for an interview, please keep the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to keep the appointment, cancel within twenty-four (24) hours *. In the event of a cancellation, proper notice must be given to avoid removal from the Handshake system. 
  • Should you be invited for a site visit, discuss with the employer what costs the employer will cover and verify all arrangements in advance.
  • Respond immediately to offers. Discuss offers with employers to verify terms and reach mutually acceptable response deadlines.
  • Request extensions from employers if you need more time to consider their offers.
  • Notify employers of your decision to accept or reject as soon as you have made your decision, and no later than the agreed upon deadline.  Respond to every offer whether you accept or reject it.
  • Upon acceptance of an offer:
    • Never accept two offers and never renege or continue to interview after you have accepted an offer.
    • Write your letter of acceptance to the employer.
    • Notify the Career Center of your success immediately and have them make your Handshake account inactive.
    • If this is a permanent position, also complete the online Graduate Follow-up Survey.
    • Immediately notify other employers with whom you have offers pending.
    • Let your word be your bond. Honor your acceptance as a contractual agreement with the employer.

* Note: Failure to appear for a scheduled on-campus interview requires that you schedule an appointment with an Associate Director or Director of the Career Center. You will also be required to write a letter of apology to the employer who was expecting you and provide a copy of the letter to the Career Center. More than one no-show will result in the loss of on-campus interviewing privileges for the semester. Missed interviews reflect poorly on you and the university, and keeps your peers from having access to that timeslot.

Falsification/Misrepresentation of Information

It is important that you represent yourself to potential employers honestly and accurately. Not doing so could cost you a job opportunity. You are solely responsible for the accuracy and contents of your registration data, resume and other employment application materials. Any misrepresentation or falsification of information is considered a violation of the UT Dallas Code of Conduct and will be referred to the Dean of Students. Such violation may also result in the the disabling of your Handshake account and the removal of on-campus interviewing privileges.

Student and Alumni Participation

Only currently enrolled students and alumni who have earned a degree from UT Dallas, are registered with the UT Dallas Career Center during the current year, and follow accepted principles for professional conduct are eligible to participate in on-campus interviews, the fall and spring UT Dallas Career Expos, and career counseling and assessments. Other career seminars and special events are open to the general public unless otherwise stipulated.