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What do I need to know about hiring a foreign national?

Many employers are simply not permitted to hire foreign nationals; others just do not understand the process. You may contact members of the Career Center staff for assistance; however, you may be recommended to consult with an immigration attorney. Please also see the resources below.

Helpful Resources
What are some related organizations for employers?
What is the student enrollment at UT Dallas?
  • 28,755 (as listed in the Fall 2018 profile)
  • 69% undergraduate and 31% graduate
  • View the UT Dallas profile for more information
Where can I learn more about UT Dallas' Programs of Study?

Visit the academic programs and degree offerings in each UT Dallas school.

Will the UT Dallas Career Center display my company's recruiting literature?

We encourage employers to maintain a website since students prefer the easy access and timeliness of online information. The Career Center no longer houses employer literature, and posters or flyers are not displayed in the Career Center.

Recruiters are encouraged to bring handouts or giveaways with them to a Career Expo, or the day of an on-campus interview, but the Career Center will not maintain any remaining items.

Where can I get information about full-time job and internship salaries?

View data reported from UT Dallas Internships and the Graduate Follow-up Survey, in addition to the most recent NACE Salary Survey.

Where can I obtain additional information/best practices/tips about college recruiting?

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