A portfolio is a job search tool that students can use to digitally compile information about themselves in one location.

Portfolios document skills, achievements, and academic learning. Portfolios can include artifacts, work, and experiences in a variety of media (Word documents, photos or other graphics, links to web pages, etc.) to demonstrate competencies that you have learned through classes, work experiences, or other areas.

Potential employers, graduate/professional school admissions officials, and others may wish to view your portfolio. You can easily provide them with a link to your portfolio in CometCareers by inviting them to access your information.

Portfolios within CometCareers

You can set up a portfolio by accessing the Folio21 program through CometCareers. Before getting started, spend time identifying and gathering what you plan to include in your portfolio.

  1. Get your 'files' together
    Take a look at your work, and gather together the items you want to showcase. Be sure to think about coursework completed, projects, presentations created, photographs, graphics work, video, etc. Get any of the non-electronic items scanned into an electronic format.
  2. Upload your files into Folio21
    You've gathered all your important work and now it is time to upload your files. In CometCareers, click on "My Account" and scroll to "My Folio21". (If this is your first visit to Folio21, you will have to complete a short registration that is pre-populated with some details from your CometCareers account.) Then upload into the "files" section within Folio21.
  3. Create your portfolio
    Use the template, or create your own. It is easy to customize.
  4. Send invitations
    Once your portfolio is created, you can invite people to view it. You may also choose to share your portfolio website with others, such as professors, potential employers, mentors, etc.
  5. Determine your audience(s)
    Create multiple portfolios utilizing the files you've uploaded, to target specific audiences.
  6. Know who is viewing you
    Review the activity to see who has been viewing your information.
  7. Update your records as needed
    Remember to keep your information up-to-date and add new content as you create it.