Support Your Student

  • Move from family/child to coach/student relationship
  • Listen – learn about your student's interests
  • Be patient – even when it seems your student has no direction
  • Encourage career exploration
  • Suggest participation in Career Center programs early in the college experience
  • Familiarize yourself with current career fields and career planning tools and strategies
  • Stress importance of planning ahead
  • Support involvement in extra- and co-curricular activities
  • Act as a motivator and cheerleader
  • Ask questions and expect reports from your student
  • Recommend experiential education (i.e., internships, cooperative education, volunteerism, etc.)
  • Assist your student through the professional networking process, it can be one of your most important responsibilities

Suggestions You Might Give Your Student

  • Treat every person you meet as a possible networking opportunity
  • Identify several professional organizations that you can join as a student
  • Volunteer at conventions where professionals will be in attendance
  • Create a contact list of people who could offer you job advice/information and other contacts
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Attend local chamber, service and professional meetings
  • Carry your resume with you at all times

Keys to Effective Career Planning

  • Planning ahead
  • Putting less emphasis on majors
  • Focusing more on skill development and enhancement
  • Exploring wide range of options
  • Gaining meaningful experience
  • Being proactive

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