Work-Study Hiring

The Career Center monitors all students’ work-study awards and completes the hiring paperwork for all off-campus work-study students. Because of a recent change, our department no longer needs timesheets sent to us. Please see below for more details on how to report your student’s time

Posting A Position

Only PAFs for work-study students should be delivered or mailed to the Student Employment Coordinator (SSB 3.300 or SSB31) for completion and signature. Please review a Sample PAF.

  • Explained proposed action: must include the Job ID from the job posting on Handshake.
  • Job Code: S09996
  • Position number:  leave blank
  • Department Number: enter your 6 digit department number
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE) is determined by dividing expected number of hours per week by 40 (e.g., 15 hours per week would be 15/40 = 0.375)
  • Effective Date: September 1st
  • End Date: May 15th
  • Salary Basis: Hourly
  • Enter your students hourly rate
  • Funding:
    • 1) Cost Center is 61055026 with 75 percent (0.75 distribution) charged to the account
    • 2) Cost Center is your department cost center with 25 percent (0.25 distribution) charged to the account

*100 percent of any employer taxes related to work-study positions will be charged to your departmental cost center.

Please note: When transferring work-study students to student worker positions, use job code S09997. Do not continue to use the work-study job code past the May 15th end date.

Timesheet and Time & Labor processing for students in work-study positions.

The Career Center will no longer complete and submit payroll spreadsheets for work-study students. Departments are now responsible to submit a separate work-study spreadsheet, provided by the Payroll Department, in addition to the spreadsheet for their student employees who are NOT being subsidized by work-study funds. This separate spreadsheet will be provided by Payroll.

  • All work-study spreadsheets including work-study adjustments, must be submitted via encrypted email to Payroll and copied to Student Employment by the Payroll Deadline. For assistance with email encryption, contact Information Security at 972-883-6810.
  • For work-study students using Time and Labor, the Career Center will have access to those students’ hours, but will not be approving their time. All time reported on time and labor must following the Payroll Deadline schedule.

For assistance with this process, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator.