MetLife Partners with Center for BrainHealth

The MetLife Mature Market Institute is the company's center of expertise in aging and longevity. The institute’s groundbreaking research, insights, strategic partnerships and consumer education have expanded the knowledge and choices for the 50-and-over market.

The institute partnered with the Center for BrainHealth to explore vulnerabilities and strengths in the decision-making of adults. The study, entitled Healthy Brain, Healthy Decisions, investigated the connection between cognitive health during aging and the continued ability to make logically consistent decisions.

The intent of this innovative research project is to reverse the pervasive negative stereotyping of seniors, who are often considered to have left their best brain years behind them. Many believe that the functional brain capacity to engage in sound decision-making is lacking in the aging population. While that may be the case for some, the goal of the partnership between BrainHealth and the MetLife Mature Market Institute is to highlight and address ways to combat cognitive decline, support sound decision-making and inform public policy to ensure a sustainable long-term brain future for generations to come.

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