Receiving Aid

Your journey to receive financial aid begins with an initial eligibility determination. For this, ask yourself whether you should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the state’s Texas Application for Student Financial Assistance (TASFA). Please note that we do not offer need-based financial aid to international students who are attending The University of Texas at Dallas on a student visa.

Once you have determined your initial eligibility, complete and submit to our office the applicable financial aid application. If you have been admitted to UT Dallas, we will evaluate your application and make you a financial aid offer based on your eligibility. Before awarding you aid, we may ask you to submit supplemental documentation in addition to your application, in which case we will notify you and list the requested document(s) on your Orion Student Center To Do List. The sooner you can gather this documentation and submit it to our office, the quicker we can review it and make you a financial aid offer.

You should log into Galaxy in order to accept the financial aid you would like to use to pay your educational expenses. In Galaxy, under “Orion Self Service,” click “Campus Finances” and select “Accept/Decline Awards” for the applicable aid year. You can accept all or portions of the aid and/or decline all or portions of the aid.

We generally begin disbursing financial aid on the first day of the term. If you have accepted your aid and meet the requirements to receive it we will disburse your aid and credit it to your Bursar’s Office account. If your total financial aid disbursed exceeds your Bursar account balance, the Bursar will generate a refund and send it to you, provided you are still eligible for the refund.  If have a balance due to the Bursar’s Office for a prior academic year the Bursar’s Office is not allowed to use your refund to pay these charges.