Journal ID Reference Guide.
Journal SourceSource DescriptionJournal MaskMask DescriptionContact PersonPhone ext.Email
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesLPAM Lease PaymentsMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesDPRAM DepreciationMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesADJAsset Adjustments & TransfersMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesADDAsset AdditionsMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesRETAsset RetirementsMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesRADAM Reserve AdjustmentMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAMJGen-Asset EntriesRECATAsset RecategorizationsMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GAPJGen-Payables EntriesCCLRAP Cash ClearingPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GAPJGen-Payables EntriesCPAP Cancelled PaymentsPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GAPJGen-Payables EntriesCLAP Voucher ClosuresPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GAPJGen-Payables EntriesACAP AccrualsPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GAPJGen-Payables EntriesPYAP PaymentsPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GAPJGen-Payables EntriesAPREVAP RevaluationPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GARJGen-Receivables EntriesARAR Cash ControlTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GARJGen-Receivables EntriesDJAR Direct JournalsTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GARJGen-Receivables EntriesMTAR MaintenanceTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GARJGen-Receivables EntriesDPAR Payments ReceivedTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GARJGen-Receivables EntriesARAR RevaluationTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GARJGen-Receivables EntriesARAR BillingTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GBIJGen-Billing EntriesURBI Accrue Unbilled RevenueTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GBIJGen-Billing EntriesBIBillingTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GBTJGen-Budget Transfer /BTRGBTBudget Transfer JournalMelody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]
GCAJGen-Contracts EntriesCARVCA RevenueTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GCAJGen-Contracts EntriesCAGMCA GrantsTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GCAJGen-Contracts EntriesCADEFCA DeferredTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GEXJGen-Expenses EntriesEXACEX AccrualPayment Servicesext. 2300[email protected]
GEXJGen-Expenses EntriesEXCNEX CancellationPayment Servicesext. 2300[email protected]
GEXJGen-Expenses EntriesEXPEX PaymentsPayment Servicesext. 2300[email protected]
GEXJGen-Expenses EntriesEXPEPeriod End AccrualPayment Servicesext. 2300[email protected]
GEXJGen-Expenses EntriesEXCLEX ClosurePayment Servicesext. 2300[email protected]
GGMJGen-Grants EntriesF&AGrants F&ATracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GHRJGen-Projects EntriesHRHR PayrollPayroll & Data Managementext. 2611[email protected]
GPCJGen-Projects EntriesCOSTPC CostTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GPCJGen-Projects EntriesPCADJPC AdjustmentsTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GPCJGen-Projects EntriesCAPCCA ProjectsTracy Ledererext. 4518[email protected]
GPOJGen-Purchasing EntriesRAAccrue Unmatched ReceiptsPurchasingext. 2300[email protected]
GSFJGen-Student FinanceSFSA Student FinancialsCheryl Friesenhahnext. 2489[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRBBBlackbaud DepositKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRCPCampus PartnersKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRCFCredit Card FeesKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRCCCoca-Cola RefreshmentsKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRDPBank DepositsKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRANAnalysis FeeKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRAVAVOW DepositKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRCDComet Card DisbursementKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRFAGREAT LAKESKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRMPModern Payments FeeKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRUVUniversity TicketsKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRBCUTD Bookstore CommissionsKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRJPJPMorganChase DepositKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRTreasuryKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRZBZero Balance TransferKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRGPGP Credit Card DepositsKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRDACallier – DARS DepositKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
GTRJGen-Treasury EntriesTRTRUTIMCO TransferKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
MKTMarketplace revenue and feesTRMSMarketplace SettlementsKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
MKTMarketplace revenue and feesTRMKMarketplace Credit Card FeesKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
MKTMarketplace revenue and feesTRMEMarketplace ExceptionKarol Millerext. 6231[email protected]
All Other Sources Melody Monjazebext. 2352[email protected]

The Available Fund Balance Overview quick guide explains how to use the Available Fund Balance Overview page in PeopleSoft to provide a snapshot of funds available for a selected cost center. 

An IDT is an auditable general ledger journal transaction that enables authorized users to transfer qualified revenues or expenditures from one cost center to another.  The IDT procedure is designed to facilitate uniform completion and processing of Intra/Inter Departmental Transfers. The Inter/Intra Departmental Transfers Quick Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create an IDT journal.   

The Balance Sheet Procedure provides guidance on the process followed to periodically reconcile the University’s asset and liability account balances. The Balance Sheet Reconciliation Guide provides step-by-step directions on reconciling and approving reconciliation of University’s asset and liability account balances.

To request a new construction project, please complete the Plant Funding Request Form. This form can be accessed from the Galaxy portal, under Gemini Financials > Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Forms > Plant Funding Request. As with most PeopleSoft forms, you will need to select “Add new value.”


The Library, Equipment, Repair and Rehabilitation (LERR) program is funded with restricted use resources.  The LERR Guidelines provide a summary of the program and examples of allowable and unallowable transactions. 


The Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention (STAR’s) program and the University of Texas System Research Incentive Program (UTRIP) are funded with restricted use resources.  The STAR’s and UTRIP Guidelines provide a summary of the programs and examples of allowable and unallowable transactions.