Direct Deposit is the University’s preferred method for issuing payroll payments to employees. Employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit provides assurance that your wages will be in your bank account on payday even if severe weather or other circumstances prevent you from picking up your check. The process is simple, saves you time, and your paycheck is available more quickly. 

To enroll in direct deposit, OBF recommends employees use the PeopleSoft self-service utility as it reduces the risk of fraud. To sign up:

  1. Ensure that you are enrolled with NetIDplus two-factor authentication. This provides added security to prevent fraudulent updates to your direct deposit information. See the NetIDplus Quick Guide for additional information. 
  2. Use the PeopleSoft self-service utility for Direct Deposit. This utility is located in the Galaxy portal, under Staff Tools > Payroll and Compensation. See the Direct Deposit Quick Guide for additional information. 

Direct deposit updates and changes will be in effect for the pay period following processing. The direct deposit process may take up to two pay periods to be completed, provided the form is submitted ten days prior to the forms deadline (monthly or semi-monthly).

  • For the first pay period, the employee’s check will be available at the Payroll Office, SP2 12.502.
  • For the second pay period, the employee’s check will be directly deposited into the specified bank account. 

If, for some reason, the employee is unable to successfully enroll or update direct deposit information using the self-service utility, OBF requires that the employee visit the payroll office (SP2 12.502) during office hours and provide us with two forms of identification:

  1. State Issued ID
  2. University Comet Card

Upon successful verification of the employee, the payroll processing team shall assist the individual with filling out a paper form and obtain a voided personal check (not deposit slip) before making the necessary updates in PeopleSoft.

Payroll staff will walk you through the self-service option for any future needs. We will not accept any authorization through emails or telephones. This is intended for the safety of the employee to prevent a fraud.