Eugene McDermott Library Undergoing Renovations and Upgrades

The Eugene McDermott Library is undergoing some major renovations and upgrades this summer that will result in more private study and collaborative team space, two high-tech “smart rooms,” more shelving and additional furniture that will complement the sleek, modern collection on the library’s second floor.

Some of the latest additions have already occurred and the other changes will be completed throughout the summer. One major project students will soon see involves the transformation of two study rooms—the Armadillo Room (second floor) and the Jalapeno Room (third floor)—into “Smart Rooms,” providing students a new way to engage on presentations and class projects. The share system allows wireless connections of laptops, tablets and smartphones for collaborating and saving files created during a session.

The old whiteboards in the Smart Rooms were replaced with 70-inch interactive displays that will also allow students to annotate with a digital whiteboard. The Armadillo Room also has the capability of recording video and sharing files for class presentations.

Also included in the library renovations was the addition of the Richardson Room-Quiet Study, our new quiet study space located on the third floor. In an area recently vacated by Special Collections’ History of Aviation Archives, the new study area has new carpet and 20 tables with chairs that were moved from the back of the second floor. Some of the pieces of furniture currently in the front of the second floor will be moved to the back area and will be replaced with new furniture.

Further changes on the second floor include the relocation of the Juvenile Literature Reading section from the east side to the shelves that used to hold journals located near the Information Commons. The Leisure Reading section, also near the Information Commons, has transitioned to a “New items” section that will include new books, periodicals and other items.

Renovation on the fourth floor includes expansion of the fourth floor stacks. Making way for more books, six short- and medium-height shelves were replaced with full-height, longer shelving. Also, nearly 130 high-backed cushioned chairs that fill the second and fourth floors are being reupholstered. The frames are currently sitting on the fourth floor next to the full-height shelving awaiting their seat cushions to be returned.

The library previously went through major renovations in 2015, including the furniture on the second floor, a new, larger Services Desk, upgraded restrooms and updated carpet, stairs and lighting.

Page Last Updated: June 5, 2018