One of the goals of any information-based organization is to make the information its members need readily available. Confluence can be used to make publishing this information as easy as possible. Confluence is a “wiki” collaborative environment that is broken up into “Spaces.” Each space can have collaboratively edited pages, which in turn can contain various kinds of attachments.

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Requesting a Confluence Space

When a team needs a new space to maintain their internal documents they need to do the following:

  • Determine a space Name (can be changed later)
  • Determine a space Key (can not be changed later – no more than 5 characters long)
  • Define the purpose of the space
  • Determine who needs to access it (see sections on Space permissions)
  • Fill out an eCAT to request the new space

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Space Permissions

  • Space-admins – able to adjust permissions within the space and other administrative tasks
  • Space-users – able to create/edit/export pages within the space and adjust permissions on a per-page basis
  • Space-guests – able to view pages within the space, but can not edit or comment on them

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Private Wiki

SpaceDoc is our internal wiki. Here, we can accommodate Wiki spaces that are:

  • only viewable from on-campus or VPN
  • limited to individuals explicitly included in a group
  • personal wiki spaces

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Getting Help

The resources below can be used for the generation of confluence pages:

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