To get started, choose your operating system from the options above.

Check your Disk quota

Check your Unix disk quota/usage

  • Log into your Unix account.
  • At the prompt, type in du -sh.
  • This will display current disk usage.
Note: H drive quota increases will not be granted to run simulation software for class or store large bulks of data for class. Please use the giant:/scratch space for those purposes. It is a directory where users can create a folder preferably called *your netid*, and set permissions you feel appropriate. You can start saving simulation or program files into that folder (granted correct permissions you will be the only one with access to that folder).

Check your Windows server quota

  • Right-click the network drive in the drive listing in the file browser.
  • Click Properties.
  • The Properties window will display total disk space and how much is available.

Check your Email quota

Exchange 2016 / Office 365

Step 1

  • To check your Mailbox usage/quota, login to your Office 365 (Students) or Exchange 2016 (Staff) account
  • Click the gear/cog wheel in the top right corner
  • Click Options

Step 2

  • Click General on the left hand side to expand the category.
  • Click My account
  • Your Mailbox usage will be displayed in your My Account Profile.