Video Conferencing tools allow for real-time collaboration with UT Dallas students, faculty, staff, and guests from anywhere. The below guide will help you choose the best video conferencing tool for your needs. If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk.

Information regarding how to use Webx can be found on the Webex how-to page.

Information regarding how to use Pexip can be found on the Pexip how-to page.

Information regarding how to use Teams can be found on the Microsoft Teams how-to page.

Large meetings where multiple people will be speaking.

Information regarding how to install the WebEx Productivity Tools can be found on the Webex Support pages.

Data Type WebEx Pexip Teams Details
Video and audio conferencing Supported Supported Supported All tools can do audio only or audio/visual conferencing.
Non-UT Dallas users can join meetings Supported Supported Supported  
No cost to UT Dallas Faculty and Staff Supported Supported Supported Students must have a faculty or staff sponsor to use Pexip.
Compatible with most modern web cameras Supported Supported Supported All of our video conferencing applications are able to function with most modern web camera equipment.
Browser-based client Supported Limited Support Supported Internet Explorer 11 and Safari v9+ are the only supported browsers for the Pexip browser client. Teams meetings are only supported in Google Chrome or the full Teams client.
Mobile device application Supported Supported Supported All of our video conferencing solutions have their own mobile applications.
Supported by the OIT Help Desk Supported Supported Supported Call the OIT Help Desk for assistance with WebEx, Pexip or Teams to be installed on UT Dallas-owned equipment.
Audio conference can be joined by phone Supported Supported Supported WebEx offers a toll-free audio bridge line option. Students must use VoIP for a WebEx audio bridge line and it is limited to 8 participants. Students can use VoIP only (no dial-in) in Teams meeting but can have up to 250 participants.
Can record and edit meetings for archiving or distribution Unsupported Limited Support Supported Please call the OIT Help Desk at least 24 hours in advance, if you need to record a scheduled Pexip meeting. Teams meetings can be recorded and are automatically stored in Microsoft Stream.