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June, 2016 utdallas.edu/oit/newsletter/
Windows 10 to Become Default OS for OIT Starting June 15

Image of Windows 10Almost a full year since its release, Windows 10 has undergone extensive testing within OIT. After testing different models of machines and software packages, we have compiled a compatibility list for a wide variety of software solutions.

The “How To” section on the OIT website lists those compatibilities here: http://www.utdallas.edu/oit/howto/supported-software-hardware/

All new computer purchases made after June 15th will be installed with Windows 10. For existing OIT computers, staff will use the newly released ATLAS system to request Windows 10 be installed on their machine.

Once the request is entered, OIT will work closely with managers and users to develop a rollout schedule, and confirm the compatibility of software used in each area.

For any questions, concerns, comments, please contact the Help Desk at 972-883-2911 or email [email protected].


The inaugural Innovation and Technology Summit was a great success. Two-hundred-twenty-nine attendees were treated to 2 keynote speakers, a panel discussion, 12 breakout sessions, an information fair with both campus resources as well as from our 9 sponsors, and a networking happy hour. The feedback on both the educational programs and the entertainment has been overwhelmingly positive. A big thank you to everyone who supported this event.

Plans for next year’s expanded conference are already under way. If you have suggestions for speakers and programs please do not hesitate to make those ideas known. Email your suggestions to [email protected]

Image of OIT Student Workers
OIT student workers are the best!

Image of IT Summit Panelists
Willett with panelists Peck, Voit, Evans & Shah.

Image of IT Summit attendees
OIT employees know technology and how to have fun.

How the PMO Can Help

While an acceptance of more structured project management principles is becoming more of the norm than the exception in the corporate environment, formal project management methodologies are just beginning to gain a foot-hold within higher-ed. The needs of students, faculty and university administration within the higher-ed environment are extremely dynamic and call for an approach to project management that is easily understandable and adaptable at the same time. So, how do you bring a more structured approach to project management that is flexible and easy to understand to an environment that seems to be constantly changing?

That’s where the Project Management Office (PMO) can help. The PMO can provide you with a structured project management approach, a key component to a project’s success, through effectively using common practices in project management and repeatable methodologies that can be used for any project, no matter how big or small the project.

So the next time you are contemplating venturing off into a new project, give us a call at 972-883-6781 or send us an email at [email protected]. We would love to have the opportunity to help you be successful!

OIT Supports the Office of Enrollment and Admissions with a Fax Server Implementation

Late in 2015 David Rude of the Office of Enrollment and Admissions was delivered a proposal from a printer vendor for a fax server solution. The Office of Enrollment and Admissions wanted to reduce costs and improve information security as well as promote a more “green” business process; they consulted OIT for assistance validating the solution and insuring consistency with OIT and UTD systems and directions.

OIT assigned members of multiple key support services teams to be involved in review and evaluation of the proposed solution. These key team members provided information from their respective areas regarding hardware platforms, operating systems, and integration with e-mail and telephone systems. We also made sure proper consideration was given to scalability and expansion so the fax server service could be offered to other departments and schools in the future as we continue to modernize and improve efficiencies.

This communication and coordination perfectly illustrates how OIT is willing and able to assist and support schools and business units on campus with evaluating and implementing technical solutions that can benefit all involved parties. It helps to improve the odds the university is getting the best value for the money we spend. We can help reduce the chances of unexpected, unpleasant surprises and it positions us to be familiar with the new solution and best prepares us to provide the ongoing service and support necessary for maximum customer satisfaction.

OIT Forum June 30th

Save the date! The next Forum will take place at 9 am on Thursday, June 30, 2016 in the Faculty Staff Dining Hall in the Student Union. If you have any questions or issues to discuss, please submit in advance to [email protected].

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