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Josh Slezak.
OIT Student Worker Lands Coveted Interview

Landing an interview with DreamWorks wasn’t easy. Out of twenty potential candidates pre-screened by the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC), only ten would be selected for interviews by DreamWorks. Once the dust settled, Josh Slezak, a graphic designer for the Office of Information Technology and junior at ATEC, was one of the lucky ten.

“I was excited to hear I was one of the 20 candidates chosen by ATEC,” Josh said. “Then, I was thrilled to learn that DreamWorks wanted to have an interview with me.”

The interview wasn’t for a job, but for a coaching session. Students would have an opportunity to get their creative portfolios critiqued by DreamWorks representatives, as well as learn what it takes to become a junior artist at DreamWorks.

“It was a wonderful opportunity,” he recalled. “When I heard about DreamWorks visiting campus, I wanted to add new things to my portfolio, but there wasn’t enough time. So, I submitted my work that also recently qualified me for an earlier scholarship.”

What caught the representatives’ attention was a key piece of Josh’s portfolio - an animated “short” that he created while at Tulsa Community College. Titled Rainy Day, the short was about a flower pot finding light in order for its flower to survive a storm. While the plot may have been simple, the lighting effects impressed them.

“They really liked what I had done,” shared Slezak. “They said I seemed to have a talent for lighting, and that I should continue to pursue that area. Before that, I wasn’t really sure what field to pursue in the animation industry. Now I have direction.”

“One of the representatives gave me a business card and told me that she expected great improvement from me in the coming years. I’ll be working hard to create work that impresses them in the future.”

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