Travel to Cuba

UT Dallas faculty, staff and students can travel to Cuba on behalf of UT Dallas if they meet the following requirements:

Affiliation Status

Faculty or Staff who are currently employed at UT Dallas, or Students who are currently enrolled at UT Dallas.

Authorized Activity

The traveler’s purpose is an authorized activity.


If the affiliation status or the activity of the traveler do not meet the above requirements, the traveler may not travel to Cuba under the UT Dallas umbrella.


  • Submit a Certification of Activity for Travel to Cuba to International Risk and Safety at [email protected] Carefully review the Restrictions section and enter the detailed itinerary on the second page. This certification will also be used to comply with record keeping responsibilities.
  • Follow Best Practices. Travelers must meet certain requirements prior to departure, such as: obtaining medical insurance, registering with international SOS, following the Export Control Regulations, obtaining UT Dallas institutional travel authorization. Find detailed information at the IRSO Best Practices webpage.
  • Export Control Regulations.  Travelers cannot carry or ship UTD-owned property and devices to Cuba. Find more information on carrying your UTD device abroad on the Research Compliance Export Controls Travel webpage.
  • Record keeping. Keep a complete and accurate record of your Cuba travel-related transactions for five years after the travel is completed.


  • For inquiries on traveling to Cuba authorization, contact International Risk and Safety at [email protected] or call 972 883 4042.
  • For inquiries on Export Control Regulations, contact the Office of Research Compliance at [email protected] or call 973 883 4718.