Travel to Extreme Countries

Unviersity Travel to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea has additional levels of risk authorization required, thus it may take longer to have the trip reviewed and authorized. Please plan accordingly.

  1. OFAC license. Consult with the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) regarding the need of an OFAC license. An OFAC license is not required for all travel.  However if required, it may take weeks or months to obtain, looking into this early is an important step. You may contact ORC by e-mail at [email protected].
  2. IOC risk authorization. The International Center will assist you with this step. Please submit the documents below to [email protected].
  3. UT System risk authorization. The International Center will assist you with this step. This step cannot take place until after IOC has authorized the risk for the trip as proposed.
    • All travelers: Submit the OFAC license requirement status as deemed by ORC. Having ORC copy [email protected] on e-mail notifications to you regarding this requirement is sufficient.
    • All travelers: Submit the Insurance Questionnaire for Extreme Countries (scroll down for details).
  4. Potential premium charges and itinerary changes requirements
    • If risk is authorized, ACE/ISOS (medical and security evacuation) and AIG (workers’ comp and general liability) may determine the need for additional premiums.
    • If additional premiums are assessed, UT Dallas will charge them to the traveler.
    • If travel is cleared to move forward, any changes in itinerary must be communicated to UT Dallas and to UT System. The International Center will assist you with this. Please communicate any changes in your itinerary to [email protected]

Insurance Questionnaire for Extreme Countries

Include your full name and UT Dallas e-mail at the top of the document and attach it to the Travel Details (for students) or to the International Travel Authorization (for faculty/staff).

  1. Complete travel schedule from U.S. departure to arrival in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan and return to U.S.
    1. Flight #, airline name & airports
    2. Dates of arrival and departure
  2. Transport while in country including:
    1. Airport (to & from)
    2. Transport to meetings / work sites
    3. Transport to hotel or housing site
    4. If traveling to more than one city in country please provide above details as applicable.
  3. Provide Security Information:
    1. Security at hotel or housing site
    2. Security at meeting/work site(s)
    3. Will there be a security escort with you at meetings/work sites and/or hotel/ housing site and/or while in transit to / from destinations or upon arrival / departure at in country airports?
  4. Provide information on meeting / activities while in country including:
    1. Who will UT traveler be meeting / working with during stay
    2. If work / meeting will occur in more than one city or location in country, please provide a brief overview of meeting activities for each meeting.
  5. Confirm required Visa’s or other required entry / exit documents have been obtained (where applicable).
  6. Has an OFAC license been obtained (if applicable) – Please provide copy of license.  Consult with the Office of Research Compliance ([email protected]) if an OFAC license is needed and how to obtain.

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