Post-Baccalaureate Checklist

Successfully completing the following steps enables your acceptance into the UT Dallas Teacher Certification Program.

First Steps

  • Required: A degree from an accredited university.
  • Schedule an appointment (972-883-2730) with the Teacher Development Center (TDC) Advisor for a transcript evaluation. Bring copies of ALL transcript(s) to this appointment.
  • Meet GPA requirements: 2.75 cumulative or last 60 semester hours. See TDC advisor for official calculation.
  • GRE – A minimum Verbal score of 450 and a minimum Quantitative score of 450 for a combined Verbal/Quantitative minimum score of 900 and a writing score of 3 or higher. Revised 2012 GRE Scoring: Minimum Verbal score of 135 and a minimum Quantitative score of 135 for a combined Verbal/Quantitative minimum score of 270 and a writing score of 3 or higher.
    • TSI – Exempt or Complete (revision as of 7/8/2016)
    • Or, as otherwise determined by the program.
  • Completed a minimum of 15 hours of Content coursework for those students who are pursuing Math and Science(s) Certifications (4-8, 6-12, and 7-12). Completed a minimum of 12 hours of Content coursework for those students who are pursuing teaching fields in Arts and Humanities.
  • Apply to UT Dallas:
    • Follow the Directions for Applicant Login.
    • On page 2 of the application, you will see:
      • Search for your program by* click on List All.
      • All Program* Teacher Education – Non-Degree will be toward the bottom of the choices
  • Respond to your UT Dallas acceptance to the university immediately.
  • Schedule an appointment with the TDC Advisor for registration, advising and program application.
  • Students are notified by email when they have been officially admitted to the Teacher Certification Preparation Program. Students must reply within 7 days to the email to accept their admittance to the program.
  • Visit the TDC website to become familiar with online teacher certification information.
  • “Like” TDC on Facebook.

International Students

  • TOEFL – Students from non-English speaking countries whose primary language is NOT English are required to take all four sections of the TOEFL (the only approved test). Texas Education Agency requires applicants to score a 24 on Speaking, 22 for Listening, 22 for Reading and 21 for Writing .  To register for the TOEFL, please login to the ETS website 
  • If an undergraduate or  graduate degree was earned at an institution of higher education in a country outside the United States, please reference the link below for countries that have been approved by the State Board of Education Certification (SBEC) to satisfy the English language proficiency requirement.
  • Students must provide official transcripts along with a detailed evaluation.

Next Steps

The following are critical to your timely completion of your teacher certification plan:

  • You must set up your TEAL (TEA login), ECOS (Educator Certification Online System) and NES (Texas Educator Certification Examination Program)Testing accounts.
  • You must make an “A” or “B” in all restricted courses.
  • Visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program for information about the TExES Certification Exams.
    • Select Preparation Materials to view the Content and PPR Test Manuals.
    • Print the Test Frameworks for both of your required TExES exams.
  • Plan ahead for clinical teaching (formerly known as student teaching) and your TExES exams:
    • You are required to pass both TExES exams for your teacher certification to be eligible for student/clinical teaching.
    • Make sure you have the opportunity to retake each test if necessary.
  • Suggested Testing Timeline for TExES exams:
    • Take the PPR exam midway through or upon completion of Classroom Management.
    • Take the Content exam after you complete most or all of your content (subject area) courses.
  • Make an appointment with the TDC to take TExES practice tests – free of charge to TDC students – before taking the official TExES exams.
  • Make a reservation for the TExES review workshops for the PPR and Content exams. TDC offers workshops each semester at no cost to you.
  • To begin the registration process for your TExES exams, call or visit the TDC office.
    • Complete the forms to get approval to test for your TExES exams.
    • Register online with NES at for your TExES exams.
    • TExES exams are $118.87 each.
  • Pass both Content and PPR TExES exams.
  • Make an appointment in the TDC office to attend a Student Teacher Sign-Up meeting the semester before you intend to student teach. These meetings usually occur within the first six weeks of classes each fall and spring semester.

Contact TDC for more information.