Undergraduate/Transfer Checklist

 First Steps

  • Meet with an academic advisor in your major to develop a degree plan.
  • Meet with an advisor in the Teacher Development Center (TDC) to fill out paperwork and develop your certification plan.  Bring a copy of your degree plan from your academic advisor to this appointment.
  • Visit the TDC website to become familiar with online teacher certification information.
  • “Like” TDC on Facebook.

Official Admission

  • TSI:  Exempt or Complete (revision as of 7/8/2016).
  • Meet GPA requirements:  2.75 cumulative or last 60 semester hours – transfer and UT Dallas credits combined.  See TDC for official calculation.
  • Complete 12 SCH – 15 SCH in major/teaching field with no grade lower than a “C.”
  • Students are notified by email when they have been officially admitted to the Teacher Certification Preparation Program. Students must reply within 7 days to the email to accept their admittance to the program.

Next Steps

The following are critical to your timely completion of your teacher certification plan:

  • You must set up your TEAL, ECOS, and NES Testing accounts.
  • You must make an “A” or “B” in all restricted courses.
  • Visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program for information about the TExES Certification Exams.
    • Select Preparation Materials to view the Content and PPR Test Manuals.
    • Print the Test at a Glance for both of your required TExES exams.
  • Plan ahead for student teaching  and your TExES exams:
    • You are required to pass both TExES exams for your teacher certification to be eligible for student/clinical teaching.
    • Make sure you have the opportunity to retake each test if necessary.
  • Suggested testing timeline for TExES exams:
    • Take the PPR exam midway through or upon completion of Classroom Management.
    • Take the Content exam after you complete most or all of your content (subject area) courses.
  • Make an appointment to take TExES practice tests — free of charge to TDC students — before taking the official TExES exams.
  • Reserve a spot for the TExES review workshops for the PPR and Content exams. Workshops are offered each semester at no cost to you.
  • To begin the registration process for your TExES exams, call or visit the TDC office.
    • Complete the forms to get approval to test for your TExES exams.
    • Register online with NES for your TExES exams.
    • TExES exams are $131.00 each.
  • Pass both Content and PPR TExES exams.
  • Make an appointment in the TDC office to attend a Student Teacher Sign-Up meeting the semester before you intend to student teach. These meetings usually occur within the first six weeks of classes each fall and spring semester.

Contact TDC for more information.