All students seeking teacher certification in Texas must pass the following Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) exams:

  • Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) test for grades EC-12
  • Content specialization at the grade level for the certification sought (e.g., 4-8 or EC-6 Generalist, 7-12 Mathematics, etc.)
  • Effective January 2021, all EC-6 Core Subjects, 4-8 Core Subjects and 4-8 ELAR will take an additional exam, The Science of Teaching Reading.

Students must be officially admitted to the Teacher Development Program to be eligible to take a TExES exam.

Step 1: Prepare for the TExES Exams

Contact the TDC to schedule a practice TExES and content PPR EC-12 exam, or for more information about review workshops.

PPR Preparation Workshops

  • Fall 2019:  9/14, 10/12
  • Spring 2020:  1/25, 3/07
  • Summer 2020:  6/6

CORE Subjects Preparation Workshops

  • Fall 2019:  9/28, 10/26
  • Spring 2020:  2/08, 3/28
  • Summer 2020:  6/13

Dates are subject to change based on communication from TEA.  Please continue to check.

Workshops are offered each semester. In addition to coursework, TExES preparation manuals are available on the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program (NES) website.

TExES Review Videos

Step 2: Register for the TExES Exams

Suggested Testing Timeline

  • The PPR exam should be taken during or immediately after completing the classroom management course.
  • The content specialization exam should be taken after completing content (subject area) courses.


  • Visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program (NES) website for additional information about TExES examinations.
  • Obtain permission from the TDC to take a TExES exam.
  • Contact the TDC to complete “approval to test” paperwork with a TDC advisor.
  • Create a Texas Education Agency (TEA) account on the TEA website.
  • After registering, students will receive a TEA identification number, which must be reported to the TDC office.
  • Register online with Texas Educator Certification Examination Program (NES) for your TExES exams.

TExES exams are $118.87 per test ($116 + $2.87 government fee).

Step 3: Apply for Certification

After the University field supervisors have completed the final student teacher observations, students who have successfully fulfilled all requirements for Texas teacher certification (GPA, course work,  and TExES examinations and student/clinical teaching) should apply for certification on the TEA website.  Click on “Educator Certification,” select “Certification Information,” then click on “Apply for Certification.” (Current fees: $77 application fee and $49.00 background check.)

When the graduation date is posted on a student’s UT Dallas transcript, the certification officer will access the student’s online application, and upon verification of all certification requirements, will recommend the student for Texas certification. The student will receive an automated email message from the certifying agency when he or she has been recommended. When the TEA posts the certificate online, it can be viewed and printed.

Note: Students will need to retain their TEA ID numbers to retrieve copies of their certificates. Certificates may be printed on paper suitable for framing; however, the online certificate is the official teaching credential.

Additional Requirements for Teacher Certification

  • Professional education coursework taken at UT Dallas.
  • Educational technology course, ED 4372.
  • Appropriate documentation of effective public speaking.
  • 12 semester hours of English with no grade lower than a C.
  • 40 clock hours of field based experience.
  • Grade of A or B in Student/Clinical Teaching.